Using the Internet on your phone gives you great opportunities, but is often not very practical. Do you find it hard to find your way around a shop window or portal on your smartphone screen? Turn on your laptop and don't worry about not being able to access the web! Check how to connect the Internet from your phone to your laptop and enjoy the new possibilities. See more:

New technologies are easy!

Using the Internet from your phone via a laptop seems difficult to you? Luckily, it's not. We'll help you master this practical skill in three ways so you can feel confident in any situation.

1. one of the easiest and most popular methods is to connect to your laptop via a WiFi hotspot. A smartphone needs to be configured to work like a traditional router. Depending on the model of your phone the individual steps will be different, however, in each case the configuration should be made by selecting settings in the menu. After completing the necessary steps, the access point should be properly named and then made available to the selected devices. You can further secure access by setting a password known only to the people concerned. You can connect to the shared network from your computer.

2) Simple, but the most rarely chosen method is connecting to the network via Bluetooth. Why is it so rare? The connection obtained in this way is unstable, it is quickly and often broken, and the obtained Internet speed is very low. How else can you connect the Internet from a phone to a laptop, so that the connection obtained was of satisfactory quality? Check the third and last way!

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3. you can connect the Internet from your phone to your laptop using USB cable and with its help you will be able to connect to the network. You will be able to connect to the network by configuring your smartphone in the appropriate way. As in the first point, select the settings options in the menu and make the necessary changes there. Then connect the phone to a laptop using the cable.

Which is the best way?

The most convenient and most often chosen way to connect the Internet from a phone to a laptop is through a WiFi hotspot. No USB cable gives you the freedom to use your computer, but the battery in your phone drains quickly and the connection is not as fast as on your phone. Connection to the network via Bluetooth is not permanent, at the same time it is slow. The fastest transfer is provided by a connection using a USB cable, in addition, the phone battery is continuously powered. How you connect the Internet from your phone to your laptop depends on your personal preferences.

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